We Went Big. We Were Bold. We Brought Storytelling to Life.

Disney Advertising Sales was a sponsor of Advertising Week in New York City. Here are the highlights of the week:






ABC News: The Road to 2020 & Beyond

We provided an “insider’s look” at the upcoming storylines and newsmakers of the 2020 election featuring coverage from our highly respected journalists.

Disney Presents Bold Storytelling:

The Disney portfolio came to life through the voices of the writers, personalities, talent and storytellers that create the magic everyday and connect authentically with our consumers on a personal level.

College Football: A Religion & More

A multi-layered College Football (CFB) discussion including the unique and passionate fandom of “the CFB Tribe,” how technology is enabling a better fan experience on how they use CFB to build their brand and, of course, predictions, stories, debate and more from our talent.

The Intensity of Fandom: A Look Inside the Relationship Between Fans & Brands

We explored the complex relationships between fans and brands and how understanding their feedback and behaviors can drive loyalty and growth. We discussed how to manage the ups and downs, real-time conversations and what the future of this dialogue looks like.

Women: The Original Decision Makers & Influencers

Women are long recognized as the original purchase influencers. But that influence has now extended to purchasing power. And females’ purchase intent increases significantly when they see themselves represented in a brand’s messaging. This panel focused on how leading companies and advertisers are focusing on female representation both in front and behind the scenes in their content and ads, the industry initiative around this, and how it helps drive business results and opportunities.

How Disney and Target are Re-imagining TV for Advertisers

Two innovation powerhouses are collaborating to bring media solutions and accountability to your largest ad spend – TV. It’s time to change the value conversation in our industry. The upside to driving topline growth is far greater than the benefit of driving down media cost. Learn how closed loop measurement and insights on real consumers from Roundel, combined with first-ever Linear TV Optimization from Disney, is the coveted frontier in advertising that has been virtually non-existent for television…until now.

To learn more about the Disney and Target partnership on new media offerings click here.

GroupM Announces ‘New Majority Ready’ Coalition

Disney Advertising Sales joins GroupM’s ‘New Majority Ready’ Coalition along with NBCU, Twitter, Viacom, Univision, iHeartMedia,in efforts to develop tools and solutions to help brands better reach under-represented audiences and reflect them in their advertising.

Click here for the press release.

‘Fandom’ Research Study, Co-produced by Disney Advertising Sales and OMG

The study explored the power of Fandoms and how brands can best target and engage consumers through their affinities – and the business implications of getting it right, and missing the mark.

Click here for an interview with Chrissie Hanson, Global Chief Strategy Officer, OMD for a sneak peek into the study.

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