The 92nd Oscars was an inspirational and memorable night celebrating an incredible year of achievement in film making.

As we have made an effort to build deeper, direct to brand relationships with our clients at Disney Advertising Sales – we are proud of this year’s elevated partnerships we crafted in partnership with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. This year’s Proud Sponsors included General Motors (Cadillac), Verizon, and Rolex.

We are excited to share the #BestInClassPartnerships that occurred this past week and weekend during the Oscars. Below is a sneak peek into what partnering with The Walt Disney Company at The Oscars looked like:


Entertainment Brand Solutions partnered with Cadillac to create two custom commercials as well as longform digital content featuring Regina King and the all-new T1 Escalade. This creative told the story of how Regina has made her own way in her career and showcased how winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress was just the beginning…

This partnership continued in an Oscars Preshow Red Carpet interview with Tamron Hall in which Regina King talked about her relationship with Cadillac and her passion for the brand.

Entertainment Brand Solutions created a drumbeat for this partnership in the week leading up to the Oscars through a custom social campaign across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Verizon was a Proud Sponsor of The Oscars. This year, they were the exclusive sponsor of the Oscars All Access Red Carpet Livestream on Twitter. Throughout the Livestream, Verizon received brand attribution as well as two live integrations driving awareness to their Portal AR Activation in Times Square.

In partnership with Entertainment Brand Solutions and AMPAS, Verizon secured a position on the Oscars red carpet for a 360 camera to stream footage to the Portal AR activation in Times Square. Fans were treated to an immersive 360 experience thanks to the power of Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband technology. This incredible partnership experience was highlighted in a Preshow moment with Tamron Hall in the Oscars Red Carpet Preshow on ABC.


This year, Entertainment Brand Solutions partnered with AMPAS and Rolex to create a custom transition to and from an isolated pod for a custom Rolex commercial featuring four notable directors reflecting on moments of mentorship (Alejandro Inarritu, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, and Kathyrn Bigelow). The custom transition featured a seamless tracking shot from the auditorium into the Rolex sponsored Green Room with branded clock, and right into the commercial.

In addition, Rolex continued their tradition of a countdown clock on to keep fans looking forward to the most celebrated night in Hollywood.

Rolex is also a returning sponsor of the Green Room at the Oscars. This year, in keeping with the famed Swiss watchmaker’s Perpetual Planet initiative to protect the planet and combat climate change, the room transports visitors to the glacial landscape of the North Pole.

Meanwhile, the composition of the central chandelier features lines emanating outward to suggest Earth’s meridians. The entire design ultimately addresses “the beauty and fragility of the environment that Rolex is seeking to protect,” says Arnaud Boetsch, director of communication and image for Rolex.

And an honorable mention goes to… MARS!


M&M’s returned to the Oscars for the first time in five years with a campaign meant to make it seem like its animated candy characters are aware of what just happened during the broadcast.

Entertainment Brand Solutions worked with Mars and The Academy to identify key moments in the broadcast show and create customized messaging that reacted to the action in real time. These custom messages continued on Twitter through a custom social campaign.

Thank you again to all of our Proud Sponsors for building innovative and Best-In-Class partnerships with The Walt Disney Company for this year’s 92nd Oscars.

And congratulations to all of the nominees and the winners from Oscars 2020!