The idea of true addressability spanning across an ever-expanding traditional digital portfolio is a large undertaking for publishers, yielding heavy benefits to advertisers and brands. In the case of The Walt Disney Company, this has meant growing segmentation and targeting across the traditional owned and operated digital offerings of ABC, ABC News, ESPN Networks, Freeform, FX Networks and National Geographic Networks, and extending all available segmentation to the newly integrated Disney Hulu XP, the first unified video ad product for marketers spanning the entire Disney platform now inclusive of Hulu.

Expanding addressability in this way, must seamlessly balance reach objectives with the precision necessary to accurately address the appropriate target audience. In our case, this includes giving brands access to our many valuable Disney segments that are based on our own first party descriptive, behavioral and psychographic data. It also means allowing brands to leverage their own data to target the highest value audiences as defined by that brand.  To enhance existing models, enable new models, and expand reach of accurately addressable inventory, it is also worthwhile to consider how to work with third-party data and signals that each category or brand finds most meaningful and best aligned to its desired campaign outcomes.

With the exponential growth in both Connected TV viewership and ad spend over recent years, simply enabling addressability for traditional digital campaigns is not enough.  Offering addressability across Connected TV and traditional digital in a transparent and fluid way is a necessity for advertisers who seek unduplicated reach, at scale, and with specific target audiences. Understanding a user in a platform-agnostic way is critical to driving business outcomes. At The Walt Disney Company inclusive of Hulu, because of our direct relationship with consumers, we have the type and scope of valued first party data that can help enable brands to achieve precision and reach, while harmoniously ensuring holistic, cross portfolio engagement.

In a world of robust digital-to-digital connections that provide a bridge between traditional digital sources and Connected TV, it is now feasible to pursue cross-platform sequential advertising. When complete, this capability will enable brands to serve a series of specific creative messages in a prescribed order to specific target audiences at scale and across platforms. With the advent of sequential messaging across various addressable points of engagement, brands will no longer be limited to basic frequency capping within a publisher’s inventory. Instead, they can engage in “frequency shaping,” managing audience, ad messaging, and frequency to more clearly communicate with consumers, navigating them more easily through a decision or purchase funnel. In time, the goal is to look beyond even CTV to include addressable linear reach and exposure. This will enable ultimate efficiency and outcome optimization for advertisers engaging with publishers that have the reach and sophistication to partner in a holistic way.

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